Will O' The Wisps - IMAG

Lorenzo Venturini

This product is part of the Notch IMAG Bundle Vol.1


With references to magic, particularly the will-o’-the-wisp of the fantasy world, this IMAG uses a particle system to produce a field that generates the flames, working on the luminance of the video-in. In addition, there are “Glow” and several “Vector Blur” to make everything more liquid and magical.

Exposed Parameters:


  • Video Loader


  • Lines - Threshold

  • Flames - Emissin Rate

  • Under Image - Threshold

Compatible media-servers list:

Disguise, Green Hippo, Touchdesigner, Smode, Avolites, Screenberry, 7th Sense, Pixera, Pandoras Box, Light Act, VYV – Photon, RealMotion, Vertex, Live FX.


  • IMAG tested on Disguise D3 media-server.

  • Source footage not included. Insert your own. Play with the fx to get your own look!

  • Make your video-in look closer to the footage, by using Color Correction to get effect work properly.

Documented Project
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Block, Scene
Software Compatible
Media-Servers, Notch Builder
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Will O' The Wisps - IMAG